Frequently Asked Questions

About Meroanswer

What is Meroanswer?

Meroanswer is a web and android app for students to prepare for Engineering and Medical entrance examination.

Why should I prepare for entrance?

There is a tough competition to get scholarship in medical and engineering in Nepal. Each year 20,000 students appear for Medical entrance from which only 300 get scholarship. In engineering, around 300 get scholarship among 10,000 applicants.

Why Meroanswer for entrance preparation?

Solving as many questions is one of the best methods of entrance preparation. Meroanswer provides access to 10,000+ questions with hints and explanations. You can practice timed exams based exactly on the syllabus of IOE or IOM. If you haven’t completed all chapters, practice only those you are comfortable with.

I am still in class XI or XII. Is Meroanswer helpful to me?

Yes. Meroanswer provides you the ability to practice tests by selecting any chapter or topic you have studied. In fact we recommend you to start practicing objective questions from class XI as they help you in your self-assessment.

Is there a mobile app? Which phones do you support?

Yes we have an android app available on Play store. The app supports all phones above Android version 4.0. Unfortunately, the app is not available for iPhone, Windows phone or a feature phone. But you can still acess from your phone’s broswer and access page that is properly formatted for mobile phone.

Do I need to be online to access meroanswer?

For those who practice using computer - Yes. On Android, you need an internet connection to install the app and load exams. All exams which you have practiced as least once are also available offline on your phone without any internet connection.

Exams and Questions

How many questions are there in the system?

We have 10,000+ questions on the system. We are updating the database with with over 100 new questions per day. As you practice, you would be provided with new set of questions each time.

Do questions contain hint and solution?

Yes, almost all question contain hints and solutions. Hints are not provided only to those questions which have trivial answers.

How many questions will I get for free?

You can access all board exams (IOE, IOM, MOE, BPKIHS, Indian Embassy and KU) once for free. For subjectwise exam, you can access one chapter in an unit for free. Altogether you have an access to around 1,000 questions for free.

What are the model entrance exams available on Meroanswer?

We have covered major entrance exams conducted in Nepal for Medical and Engineering. The exams are listed below:

Coupon and Pricing

Can I try a few exams before paying anything?

Yes. We provide access to a few exams for free. You can access all board exams once for free. Similarly, we have provided access to all questions of 1 chapter in each unit for free. Altogether you have an access to around 1,000 questions for free.

I liked the free features. How can I pay to activate all features?

You need to buy exam coupons to activate all features. You can find details on pricing on our pricing page. Or simply send SMS or call 9849516774 / 9842227969.

What is Exam Coupon?

Exam coupon contains code for activating paid features. It is similar to recharge card you use in your mobile phones. Once you enter the coupon, you will have access to all the features in Meroanswer. You will need to subscribe again once the duration specified on the coupon (1 month, 6 months or 1 year) has elapsed.

How can I get Exam Coupon?

You can request for exam coupon by filling up this form. Or simply SMS or call : 9849516774 / 9842227969. We will provide free home delivery.

Why do I need to pay for using Meroanswer?

We have a team working full time to provide you the best experience using the product. The minimal amount collected from you will help us in providing you quality content and great experience without thinking about anything else.

What if I pay and don’t like the system? Is the fee refundable?

We provide you 100% money back guarantee if you cancel within 5 days.