Meroanswer enables you to prepare for your entrance exam in a smart way.

Over 10,000 questions, 100+ questions added each day.

The database of 10,000+ questions ensures that you don't miss any topic or concept. Around 100 questions with solution are added daily so that you get a new set of questions each day.

Hints and Solution to each question

Most of the questions on Meroanswer contain related hint, solution and explanation. With regular practice, you will not just be familiar with correct answers but also with related concepts to solve such type of questions.

Practice Questions by Topic, Subject or Board

Read a chapter on Atomic structure? No worries, practice questions only from Atomic Structure. Completed studying entire Chemistry? Choose Chemistry and test yourself. Completed everything? Select IOE and start timed-exam based exactly on the syllabus.

Android App

Meroanswer is available for your Android phone on Play store. Practice anywhere, anytime. You can use the app offine as well.

Sample Exam Sets

Sample exams sets are available for most engineering and medical entrance exams in Nepal based exactly on the syllabus.

Low Cost

30% of the questions are available for free. You can access all questions for Rs. 2000 per year.